Enable Creativity to Thrive

Since It’s Nice That was born back in 2007 (the first company in the HudsonBec Group) our passion and belief in creativity has remained a constant. Regardless of size or scale, each company in the group strives to ‘Enable Creativity to Thrive’ in their own unique way. Whether giving a platform for amazing talent to be discovered, providing commercial opportunities to brilliant practitioners, or helping young talent navigate the world of work. The group is independently co-owned and run by directors Will Hudson and Alex Bec.

Alongside this shared purpose, our companies also share common values that guide us every day.

Make it Happen (Be Proactive)

We are committed and excited about our work. Rather than wait for the answers, or for permission to do something, we take the initiative and learn through doing.

Embrace the New (Be Brave)

We are excited about what’s next, even if it's a little unknown. From a new technology in a project through to the opportunity to take on responsibility slightly outside of our comfort zone. We know bravery and embracing change will lead to brilliant things.

Find Out More (Be Curious)

We are inherently interested to learn about new things. So, if we don’t know the answer to a question, or are unsure of why a client has chosen a certain strategy, we ask. If we are interested in something, we look for ways to discover more about it. This knowledge gives us the confidence to do our jobs brilliantly.

Everybody Matters (Be Human)

We appreciate everyone we work with; from the postman through to our colleagues and our most important and powerful client. We believe that everyone deserves respect and attention. We show confidence and understanding over ego, not looking down to anyone, no matter how challenging the situation. We are honest, true and fair in all of our relationships.

Work with Others (Be Collaborative)

We know the best things happen when we work together. Whether that’s in a team internally looking for feedback on projects, with brilliant creative talent from all over the world, or with our clients and customers directly. We are capable of so much more when we stick together and share ideas.