lives the purpose of Enabling Creativity to Thrive by committing to action in five key areas; or as we like to call them ‘The Thrive Five’. They summarise our impact, and are the fundamental reason we exist. We report on all five areas annually, and will track our impact to 2030 and beyond. This last year alone we reached over 7.5 million people, championed 1,162 creatives, created 408 opportunities, promoted 3,544 opportunities and paid over £2.3m to our collaborators.


Reach People


Our reach is a critical factor in us helping others thrive. With an audience, we can make sure important messages get heard. This reach is made up of our total audience across It’s Nice That, Creative Lives and If You Could Jobs, including unique visitors to our websites, social media followers and more.

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It’s Nice That has a reach of over 5.5 annual website users, an Instagram following of over 900,000 and hundreds and thousands more on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin.

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Creative Lives in Progress reaches over 325,000 people every year, combining a loyal website following, social media audience and event attendees.

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If You Could Jobs reaches 340,000 people looking for creative jobs every year across its platforms.

Champion Creatives


When we give people a platform to be seen, and have their creativity showcased, they have a new opportunity to go on to thrive. This number includes everything from articles posted on It’s Nice That to public projects with collaborators from Anyways and events we programme on Creative Lives in Progress.

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Anyways championed 11 illustrators and animators to bring to life’s incredible work - including this beautiful one from Lisbon-based Paola Salary.

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It's nice that website

It's Nice That wrote a whopping 690 articles championing creatives in their 'work' section this last 12 months - bringing the total archive of work articles to over 23,000.

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Portfolio reviews

Creative Lives in Progress invited 105 individuals from companies across the industry to give advice at their monthly portfolio review events last year. Giving them the chance to help give advice to the next generation of talent, and find new talent for their own companies.

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Create Opportunities


Our companies actively create opportunities for creatives in everything they do, and is part of the fabric of our group. This number includes everything from individual editorial and commercial commissions to freelancers who come to work with us.

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Anyways commissioned over 140 creatives across all of their projects this year; including hosting events in London and Nottingham for Paul Smith’s Foundation - working with Red Brck to capture the films and Design Studio Cha Chaan Teng on the graphic identity.

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It’s Nice That gave the stage to 51 speakers across this year at Nicer Tuesdays - including many of those IRL as the event returned to Oval Space in East London after the pandemic.

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Salary report

If You Could also continued it's work with research consultancy Kohlrabi to deliver their insight reports in 2022.

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Promote Opportunities


We can only create so many opportunities ourselves, and can have even more impact and influence on the industry by making sure opportunities being made available by others are benefiting from our reach. This number is made up of jobs and opportunities advertised on If You Could Jobs and Creative Lives in Progress.

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Three quarters of these were the 2,680 jobs posted on IYC alone - adding more than one thousand on last year's total.

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864 entry level opportunities on the Creative Lives in Progress opportunities board. These range from internships and grants, to apprenticships and full-time junior jobs.


Pay Collaborators


One of the most direct ways of enabling others to thrive is to pay them for their work - giving them real world opportunities to make a living from their creativity. This total is made up of all fees paid by all four businesses.

Dream like sequence

Anyways worked with a range of brilliant production partners for their large-scale project with Google Pixel - including Partizan productions in London.

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It's Nice That's donated 10% of all Extra Nice membership fees to Abiba Coubaly to start her own inclusive community cinema in Brixton - via their Extra Nice Fund.

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If You Could Jobs paid some fantastic illustrators for some editorial commissions to run alongside their journal articles this year - like this one by Ryan Gillet for an article on applying for jobs.

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2030 Vision

The impact above is just the start. Since 2020 we've been tracking these five areas and have set ourselves some targets to reach by 2030. These exist to make sure we live and breathe our purpose of enabling creativity to thrive and create a cumulative impact on the creative industry. By 2030...

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    Reach People

    As our platforms continue to grow we aim to double our total reach from 7.5 million to 15 million people - increasing our influence in the creative industry.

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    Champion Creatives

    We aim to continue to champion over 1,000 creatives every year, so that between 2020 and 2030 we help give a platform to over 20,000 creatives.

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    Create Opportunities

    We will continue to create 500 opportunities every year from 2020 to 2030, creating a cumulative total of over 6,000.

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    Promote Opportunities

    Between 2020 and 2030 we have a huge ambition to use our platforms to help others promote their opportunities. We are aiming to reach a cumulative total of over 40,000 opportunities by 2030.

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    Pay Collaborators

    Over the past two years we've paid £3.9m to our collaborators, and we want this number to total over £25 million by 2030.

Create a More Diverse Industry

Alongside our ‘Thrive Five’ focusses, we are also committed to help create a more diverse industry. We must ensure those from currently underrepresented backgrounds have just as much chance to thrive. We are committed to promoting change for as long as our group exists.

Improve diversity within our own team. It's crucial for our group to have diversity of thought and ideas in all that we do.
We want to make sure the representation of our workforce is comparative to the city we are based, London. A snapshot of our current team makeup across the whole HBG from August 2022 is:

  • 68% Female / 30% Male / 2% Non-Binary
  • 60% White / 36% Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic / 4% Prefer not to say
  • 16% LGBTQIA+
  • 10% identify as disabled

We are also working on gathering more data than we have to understand how else we can improve and educate ourselves so that we are truly an inclusive and welcoming workplace.

Make sure every business in the group is setting targets around its own, unique output - and how they can individually promote diversity.

Help diversify the pipeline of talent entering the industry over the next decade by continuing to invest in our internal DEI teams and Creative Lives in Progress.


Since 2021 we have had our 'B Corp' accreditation pending. Alongside this, over the next year we will be partnering with a sustainability consultant to ensure that we do more to educate ourselves into the impact we can have, and prioritise the planet in our current operations and future plans.

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